• Hillary Craig

Trust, Hustle and Rest

As I do most days I evaluate all of the things I need to accomplish by the end of the day and prioritize them based on deadlines and customer expectations. The second I shut the door to my son's room after putting him down for his afternoon nap I think, "ok, what's next?" Today the answer came with a resounding, "slow down." And when I had that prompting to slow down I knew exactly what to do to slow down.

I have been reading Called to Create by Jordan Raynor and it's no coincidence that when I opened the book today the chapter title read, Trust, Hustle and Rest. Sometimes I feel like God can be vague because He wants us to look deeper, pray and explore His truths, today it was obvious what He was trying to tell me.

Much like any entrepreneur, I hustle hard trying to make things happen and can experience a lot of frustration and burnout. I keep trying to control the outcome and finish projects by sheer will and determination.

Today, God is clearly reminding me that I didn't get where I am today by any of my own willpower. The only reason my workshop is complete and my business is successful is because God wants it to be. And I know that He could just as easily take it away if he so wishes. John 15:5 comes to mind, "I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

Literally, every single detail of the workshop and its completion was ordained by God. The idea, the inspiration, the clearing of clutter, the moving, building, organizing, cleaning and even encouragement to continue. EVERYTHING had it's place and NOT because of me, in fact most of the time it was inspite of me because I didn't always have a good attitude or ask for God's help. He brought very specific people at the exact moment in time into my life in order to accomplish His plan. Like a puzzle, every piece fit together perfectly.

I struggle with consistency and routine but God has been showing me, over and over again (because He is very patient) that my number one priority should be to abide in him, seek him, reflect on his great mercies; because without His help I am merely riding a stationary bike. Expending a lot of energy but getting nowhere. After all, He is the whole reason I'm doing this in the first place, it's all for nothing if He isn't at the center.