Portrait Photography: Trade Secrets

July 28, 2019

I'm excited to announce that my photography course Portrait Photography: Trade Secrets and Finding Your Style is NOW LIVE!!!




Hillary Craig Photography & Design - Est. 2013

I have studied photography extensively for several years and often have people asking me pointers. I have taught basic photography tips and tricks and created simple hand-outs but there is nothing like explaining my tips and method than to SHOW you. 

The key elements I will discuss in the course are my tried-and-true methods for capturing beautiful photos. I even use these same methods (minus the camera settings) with my cell phone camera! So much good stuff!


I have worked really hard to develop a well-rounded course explaining the key elements that make up beautiful photography.

These elements range from the technical: understanding how your camera works, to the creative: composition and how you can make a portrait look like a piece of art you'd want hanging on your wall.

The course includes seven short video lessons: Camera Settings, Lighting, Composition, Engagement, etc. Each lesson is about 6 minutes in length. 

I have even designed a Class Project specifically for knowing and understanding the key elements that make up good photography. There are demonstrations and side-by-side comparison photos. There are four course hand-outs. ...Like I said, well-rounded.


I have decided to partner with SkillShare, an online educational platform that will host my photography course.

The cool thing about Skillshare is they offer courses for just about everything: photography, hand lettering, watercolor, cooking, drawing, tech, design, art, crochet, business strategies, branding, and so much more.

The REALLY cool thing about Skillshare: You can sign up for a FREE two month Premium Membership.

Yep! FREE! Premium Membership is $10/month after that but you can cancel anytime.

Oh, and did I mention, there aren't any ads? Yeah, NO ADs!!! Yay!


Step 1: Sign-up and get 2 months FREE (CLICK HERE)

Step 2: Take my Portrait Photography Course and learn All The Things (CLICK HERE)

Step 3: Participate in the Class Project - it's gonna be so fun!

Step 4: Give the course a review on SkillShare (THIS HELPS SO MUCH!)


So, if you are at all considering taking my course, or one of the many others by other teachers, I would benefit from your signing up for the FREE two month membership through me by using this link: https://skl.sh/2loZfou


You guys are the best!!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!

Happy Shooting!



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