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  • Hillary Craig

Happy Earth Day - Kid Activities

Hello Friends,

Happy Earth Day! I hope you are all well and have found a routine that works for your family during this quarantine.

There are so many great resources out there to inspire creativity and encourage learning I thought I'd share a few in honor of Earth Day.

National Geographic is doing a Neighborhood Safari-

They have lots of great information about all kinds of different animals, coloring sheets, and videos. Check it out!

Letters From Afar - This is a husband and wife team that travel all over the world and tell about their adventures as if they are Isabelle Bird the famous explorer.

We love Letters from Afar, they are short adventure letters sent via snail mail. They are super fun and I'm pretty sure I enjoy them as much or more than my kids. Great way to introduce geography to your kids.

Wild Explorers Club - This is such a fun one! Every week we receive an assignment via email which includes and video and information resources to encourage your child to learn more about nature. Packing your supplies, examining a specimen, mapping your trail, etc. just to name a few. Your child will also earn a patch with each completed level. We are on Bobcat!!